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You’re Hired! Now What?!


You’ve waited for months for this very moment. You probably interviewed for what feels like a hundred times. Then you got the call you’ve been waiting for- you got the job offer!

Congratulations! You finally got it! The job you’ve been waiting for! Now what?!

You just put on your best first day of work outfit and make magic happen, right?! Right?!

It’s not that simple.

Your first day at this new job is the first day of your daily interview.

Wait! What?!

That’s right! I said it! Everyday you show up to work you are being interviewed- again.

The company didn’t make a huge investment interviewing and assessing the right candidate for nothing. They want to ensure that you not only thrive but also strive to exceed their expectations.
You also have your own expectations. You want to “bring it on” at this new job. Hopefully this next step is a career builder.
So what should you do?

1.) Show Up- Be on time. Strike that- be at least 10 to 15 minutes early. A wise mentor once told me that being ten minutes early is showing up to work on time. Prepare for the unknown. If you rely on childcare, take public transportation or even drive yourself-plan ahead. Prepare for traffic, back up childcare and things that may go awry during your commute to work. Punctuality and being at work on time not only builds your brand but it could also help you avoid any negative consequences related to the company’s attendance policy.

2.) Get a good night’s rest. This goes for each night. Rest and good productivity go hand in hand. It also has a ton of health benefits. It doesn’t look good coming to work hungover or nodding off in a meeting. Rest up!

3.) Don’t stop doing your homework- Building your business acumen is not only good for your continued learning about how your company works and makes money but it’s also a great way for you to network with leadership. Knowing how your new employer makes money may also help you make the business even better. Challenge yourself with coming up with best practices to help the make or save company more money. This will build your internal resume, help bring you into the spotlight and better position you for possible growth opportunities.

4.) Find a mentor- Your career isn’t going to magically grow like Jack’s Beanstalk overnight. You need to nurture and cultivate your business relationships early. People that “speak” to you through their leadership and results are folks you need to get to know. So do it! Get to know them. It’s that simple. Ask for a small bit of time to chat and if you feel that this person may have some nuggets of knowledge that you can use to nurture your growth, ask them if they have any time to be your mentor. This is like a part time job. You will need to drive this connection. Keeping in touch and meeting one a monthly basis is key.

Listen, this company wouldn’t have hired you if they didn’t believe you were the right fit for the job. Keep your head in the game and your eye on your professional development prize and you’ll be great!